Ask yourself... 

What would you like to do with the images?

Wall art?


What room do you want to display the wall art in?

Then decide on a color scheme for the clothing...

This is only a guide line, you are your own unique person and can break these guides to suite your style...

Consider where the shoot will take place and dress to suite the backdrop keeping your color scheme in mind if the images is going on the wall, for example:

Forest & park locations - earthy and muted tones


Beach location - light colors are best but strong colors can also work

Studio - as the images will be on a white backdrop you can really choose any color scheme you want, just keep in mind when selecting white the clothes will have a washout effect against the backdrop.


Family & group portraits - Co-ordinate color schemes, try to avoid clashing of colors

Best way is to choose 3 colors where your base color is 60%, the another neutral is 30% and the last 10% is a color pop


(works best for group/ family photos)

Welcome to bring a few outfits if unsure, we can decide in studio!






Avoid clothes with writing, busy graphics or large logos on 


Avoid fine stripes or strong patterns


Avoid black tops or strong colors (can be exceptions) unless it’s the look you are going for...


Avoid matching outfits


Avoid tight or baggy clothes


Avoid short skirts if unable to sit in them (pulls up to high)

Avoid clothes that shows your undergarments, like thin strappy tops or dresses. Rather wear strapless undergarments

Shoes - looks best without on backdrop


Don't forget to remove hairbands/ scrunchies around your wrists


Nail polish that is chipped (apply fresh paint) check kids nails as well, don't forget the toes..





Keep makeup simple and natural, makeup to match natural skin tone (neckline)


Yellow based makeup shows yellow tones on skin


Avoid SPF in moisturizers, foundations and translucent powders that causes a "flashback/shine" effect

Bring a hairbrush and makeup to the studio just incase you need to freshen up

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