What to expect at your Newborn & Family studio session

Having a new baby is a very emotional experience and yet with all those mixed feeling you would still like to get those beautiful newborn images, but not sure if your are up for it...but don't want to regret not doing don't regret it!

The best time to capture newborn babies images is 4- 12 days as they are most sleepy and they are still able to curl into poses like when inside your womb. From day 13 -18 they go into their feeding cluster, so to attempt a newborn session would be very frustrating for all involved, so I avoid this time period. Thereafter baby would be more relaxed, but less sleepy and less flexible for the curly poses

When we do the session we aim for baby to be asleep... if they go into that deep sleep its a dream to work with them. But awake image can just be as beautiful!

So the question is how do we get them in that deep sleep...

It all starts at home before the session, so if the session is say at 11am... try to keep baby awake before the session, give baby a bath etc. Then just before the session baby should be given a full feed. If you stay within 10 min from my studio you can do this at home or you can do this in studio as well. Time is worked into the session for baby to be fed before, during or after the session.

There is a few ways baby is comforted to get them to be super sleepy...

- Babies loves to be full and fed

- Babies loves to be swaddled

- Babies loves to be rocked

- Babies loves sucking, so if you use a pacifier bring it with!

- Babies loves soothing sounds, so I use grey noise in studio

If baby is realy sleepy I will start with baby setup first where we do babies individual images. I normally do 3 setups, one with a wooded prop on a wooded backdrop, one on the bean bag with a fur backdrop and another on the beanbag with a plain fabric backdrop. I have everything needed for the session, clothes if you choose to use the studios, wraps, headband, hats for boys etc.

After the setups we will do the family images. I must say that if there is siblings we will most definitely start with the sibling images, then parents and after baby setups. Family images is taken on the white backdrop and this includes a combination of images with each person and baby and everyone together etc.

When you have other siblings I would advice that dad take them after the family photos to the park or for an ice cream etc in order not to hinder with the babies images as we need it to be calm and relaxing for baby at this time.

Do know that 99% of the time baby will have an accident with the naked images! Remember this part of my job description so no need to apologize! Hopefully we get a good fun shot of this while dad is holding baby! Don't forget to bring clean clothes for everyone as I had dad leaving he studio without a shirt once...

If baby has jaundice, baby acne or red marks, not need to stress and reschedule... Most blemishes can be fix with editing. If you feel unsure, send me a picture and we can take it from there.

Most important...How the session goes depend on baby... we go with what baby allows us to do...

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