Custom Photographer

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

So what is a CUSTOM photographer?


Taking images with end products in mind...

If its for wall art or albums or even just for face book!

So why PRINT with me?

Because I can guarantee that what you see in my Viewing session in studio will be what is printed on the wall art or albums

No yellow, red or blue colour casts, no over or under exposing! A bigger colour range than your retail prints! Meaning 50 shades of grey! The quality of the product! Canvas colour to last 75 years, sheer tiles to last 60 years etc.

Why do a Viewing Session in studio?

Because my monitor is calibrates to my printing lab, so what you see if what you will get....

Viewing then at home on you pc or cellphone means that you will see

different colours, exposure and contracts than what I see on my monitor. Which means your view on my image might look bad! But in reality it is a perfect picture on my end....

I work hard editing your images to be perfect, so go all the way and get a perfect product for your home...

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